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Trauma Cleanup

Disaster Cleanup is your trusted partner in managing sensitive situations like unattended death, suicide, accidental death, and crime scene cleanups. Our professionals are extensively trained to handle these challenging circumstances' psychological and physical aspects with compassion, understanding, and patience. We comprehensively explain our meticulous cleanup process, maintain open communication with our clients, their power of attorney, or their insurance companies, and ensure that all procedures are well-documented. By adhering to strict cleanup protocols, we guarantee a thoroughly sanitized environment, safeguarding the well-being of all occupants and providing reassurance during these difficult times.


Blood and Toxins

Blood and toxin cleanup is a complex and sensitive process, and having experienced professionals by your side is crucial. Our technicians are skilled in effectively containing the affected areas to prevent any cross-contamination. We set up necessary HEPA filtration devices to minimize airborne particles and meticulously remove contaminated materials from your home or business. We ensure everything is kept out of sight throughout the process to avoid distressing scenes. By keeping the affected areas saturated and filtered, we control the environment, allowing us to safely remove and dispose of hazardous materials and thoroughly clean up the site.



After the cleanup, our expert subcontractors will assess the severity of the situation and provide detailed reports to ensure that we entirely focus on restoring your home or business to its original condition. We prioritize efficiency and precision to expedite recovery while maintaining the highest quality standards.



Quick Response to the Situation

In the event of a trauma, our team swiftly inspects the hazards and damages and develops a tailored plan that considers your and your family's needs. We ensure thorough containment of the area to prevent any further impact.


Best Cleanup & Removal

Our experienced staff understands the nuances of trauma cleanup. We diligently clean and salvage what materials we can. If necessary, we also manage the removal of irreparably damaged materials. Rest assured, your property will be secure and prepared for restoration to its former state after our intervention.


Glory is the Goal

Our professional restoration team is ready to return your home or business to its former glory—or even better. We're committed to exceeding your expectations and guarantee 110% satisfaction with the results.

What Do I Do After a Disaster?

It is important to act immediately. Get a free inspection and quote, take action, and lean on the professionals. Our staff is ready to help 24/7.

Why Disaster Cleanup?

We are always ready and we understand what you may be going through in such a stressful time. We will take care of every thing from start to finish.

What Are My Rights?

You don’t always need to file an insurance claim. We will walk you through the process, communicate and navigate insurance for you if you choose, and advocate for you along the way.

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