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Mold Inspection

If you suspect mold in your home or business, it's crucial not to leave things to chance. At Disaster Cleanup, we offer free inspections to address your concerns. Our professionals use advanced tools, including moisture meters, thermal cameras, and humidity gauges, alongside thorough visual inspections in all areas—even hard-to-reach places like attics and crawlspaces. If our initial assessment doesn't reveal any issues, there's no need to worry. We can escalate the situation by conducting detailed mold testing to ensure your environment is safe and healthy.


Mold Testing

Our company employs several methods for mold testing to ensure thorough and accurate results. Our techniques range from simple swab tests, which involve collecting samples from surface areas to the more advanced Pro-15 air test. This sophisticated approach utilizes some of the latest technologies to accurately identify mold species—a critical step in determining the appropriate remediation strategy. Each test provides a detailed comparison to control mold levels, establishing safe concentrations. Additionally, all results are accompanied by a lab analysis report, reviewed by a third party, to guarantee the integrity and accuracy of our findings. This comprehensive process ensures we address your mold concerns with the utmost precision and care.



Customers are the Best Inspectors

You know your home or business better than anyone else. Please let us know if you notice unusual odors or feel differently in your space. Your insights are invaluable in helping us diagnose and address potential issues effectively.


Up, Down, Left, Right

Exploring every angle is our specialty. We meticulously inspect from top to bottom and side to side, employing tools like thermal imagers, moisture meters, and humidity gauges. We proceed to more detailed testing if these initial checks don’t reveal the problem.


An Air Test is the Best

After a thorough visual assessment, it's time to delve deeper. An air quality test comprehensively analyzes the types of mold spores present and and their concentrations and compares indoor air quality to outdoor conditions. Are you ready to uncover what's in the air you breathe?

What Do I Do After a Disaster?

It is important to act immediately. Get a free inspection and quote, take action, and lean on the professionals. Our staff is ready to help 24/7.

Why Disaster Cleanup?

We are always ready and we understand what you may be going through in such a stressful time. We will take care of every thing from start to finish.

What Are My  Rights?

You don’t always need to file an insurance claim. We will walk you through the process, communicate and navigate insurance for you if you choose, and advocate for you along the way.

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