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As working in the State of Idaho, we are going to share with our customers the guidelines we follow to maintain a fully transparent relationship through the entire restoration process.


Our Contractors License is: RCE-67826

Idaho Contractors must follow and adhere to compliance with the Idaho Contractors Board, which goes by Bureau of Occupational Licensing. They are located in Owyhee Plaza; 1109 Main St, Suite 220, Boise Idaho 83702 and can be contacted by phone at: (208) 334-3233 or by email at:

The reason we want to share the above is to ensure our customers do not fall victim to bad faith contractors, which is why we share this information on our website, in addition to the information above we would like to share with our customers the The Idaho Initial Disclosures.

General contractors must provide a disclosure statement, prior to entering into a contract in excess of $2,000 to construct, alter or repair residential real property, or for the purchase and sale of newly constructed property.

The contractor must also provide an acknowledgment of receipt to be executed by homeowner or purchaser, retain proof of receipt and provide a copy to the homeowner or purchaser. The statement must include the following disclosures:

Reading the section below is our customer agreeing to understand and comply with the laws and the rights they have in this disclosure, this section is emailed to all customers.


  1. The customer has the right, at their reasonable expense, to require the general contractor to obtain lien waivers from any subcontractors providing services or materials.
  2. The customer has the right to receive proof that the general contractor has general liability insurance, including completed operations and workers’ compensation insurance for employees.
  3. The customer must be informed of the opportunity to purchase an extended policy of title insurance covering unfilled or unrecorded liens.
  4. The customer has the right to require, at their expense, a surety bond in an amount up to the value of the construction project.

As you may now understand, requesting this information from Disaster Cleanup is your right as a homeowner and or business owner in the State of Idaho.

Lastly, this is our customers' Completion Disclosure.

Reading the section below is our customer agreeing to understand and comply with the laws and the rights they have in this disclosure, this section is emailed to all customers.

Disclosure Upon Completion; A general contractor must provide an additional disclosure statement, within a reasonable time either:

Before receipt of final payment from the customer for construction, alteration, or repair of any property, or before closing on a purchase and sales agreement with a prospective purchaser.

The following requirements apply:

  1. The general contractor must sign the disclosure statement.
  2. The disclosure statement must list the business names, addresses and telephone numbers of all subcontractors, materialmen and rental equipment providers who have a direct contractual relationship with the general contractor and who supplied materials or performed work on the residential property of a value in excess of $500.
  3. Subcontractors, materialmen and rental equipment providers listed in the disclosure statement are authorized to disclose balances owed to the homeowner or purchaser and their agents.
  4. The general contractor is not liable for any error, inaccuracy or omission of any information delivered pursuant to Idaho Code § 45-525(3) if the error, inaccuracy or omission was not within the general contractor’s personal knowledge. Pursuant to Idaho Law, failure to provide the required disclosures constitutes an unlawful and deceptive act or practice in trade or commerce under the Idaho Consumer Protection Act. The Contractors Board may discipline a registered contractor for a violation of the Idaho Consumer Protection Act.

Thank you for reading the Idaho Contractors Disclosures, please know we are also adding below all SDS (Safety Data Sheets) of the products used by Disaster Cleanup in the purpose of cleaning and restoration of your home or business.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

IAQ 2000 - Fiberlock

SDS sheet

ShockWave - Fiberlock

SDS sheet

Barrier Coat II - Fiberlock

SDS sheet

Benefect Disinfectant

SDS sheet

Benefect Multi-Purpose Cleaner

SDS sheet

Benefect Wipes

SDS sheet


SDS sheet

Unsmoke Encapsulate

SDS sheet

Unsmoke Wall Wash

SDS sheet

Unsmoke Degrease All

SDS sheet

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